Laces - Catch of the day

19.7” x 27.5”

Watercolor and Ink on 300-lb. cold press paper

Alessandra Ubezio was born in Milan. Through all the years of her engineering career Alessandra quietly cultivated her artistic interests attending the prestigious “Angelo Gorlini’s Watercolor School.” The care of details and the realism of her paintings define her style as impressionist. The use of bold colors, transparencies and strong values creates in her artworks an alternation of lightning effects and sense of depth; the overall composition, fulfilling the entire space, is simple yet vivid and memorable.

Her paintings are small tributes to nature, people, everyday life and anything that springs into her mind. The final outcome, the painting, is just the destination of a journey that starts with an image, a thought or an observation.

Laces series, whose delicate weaves highlight the foreground, describes a metaphorical universe where the impalpable, painted veil hides fears and hopes.

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